school is definitely back in session

School is back and summer is over! NOOO!! Oh well to better me education! I have three classes. I wanted a sport but it runs late and my parents worry too much. To school and beyond! More updates tmrw! 🙂


frustrations RawR!

There is one thing I detest on my school campus: construction! 😡 It blocks paths to entryways and forces me and other students to take a detour. Traffic and crowded paths happens a lot on my way to class. You need to know what time is right to leave campus parking lots or the right time to take a break without people interfering with your free time. People who talk on the phone are constantly loud and irritating! I hate it when there’s music playing like me, I want to listen in peace, not having to battle with others talking loudly and making a ruckus that annoys others. What frustrate me including the construction and noise; is the thought of the food truck Malibu Bagels, local and popular place to eat on campus, might not be on campus when the talk of a cafeteria will arrive on campus. 😮  No don’t take away the only place where I buy food, GOOD FOOD TOO!!! Anyways, these are the constant frustrations any student will deal with when school convenes in six days. 😦

School starts in a week. Nooo… :(

I go back to school in a week. I don’t want to go back. But I do sorta miss my school friends, the freedom I receive when I am at school and the wifi provided by the college. I know I won’t like homework, tests, quizzes, and the countless hours of studying but nonetheless, it is my education. I want to get out of the community college and onto a four year for my major. Hopefully, when I go back to school in one week, my writer’s block will vanish and I will find new material for a chapter or story. And I wanted more vacation days. I only got a month! 😮

summer festivals and night markets


Yesterday, I went to Nisei Week Japanese Festival and Chinatown Summer Night. It was hot, very crowded, blasting loud with music, many stores in Little Tokyo had food stalls selling various items from their stores, and food trucks (Chinatown) had lines and lines of people. Besides seeing various sights, I had a blast going to both events. I took several photos and was glad I could get to both places. 😀