frustrations RawR!

There is one thing I detest on my school campus: construction! 😡 It blocks paths to entryways and forces me and other students to take a detour. Traffic and crowded paths happens a lot on my way to class. You need to know what time is right to leave campus parking lots or the right time to take a break without people interfering with your free time. People who talk on the phone are constantly loud and irritating! I hate it when there’s music playing like me, I want to listen in peace, not having to battle with others talking loudly and making a ruckus that annoys others. What frustrate me including the construction and noise; is the thought of the food truck Malibu Bagels, local and popular place to eat on campus, might not be on campus when the talk of a cafeteria will arrive on campus. 😮  No don’t take away the only place where I buy food, GOOD FOOD TOO!!! Anyways, these are the constant frustrations any student will deal with when school convenes in six days. 😦


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