Back to writing stories

Thanks to the stress of school and clubs, I am officially back to writing my book, the title I will not tell for now. I have written 7 chapters and have three in tow. For two whole months I stopped writing. I haven’t stopped thinking about the book which probably won’t be published until a few years from now. New ideas have been etched into my head and have planted new seeds to fresh ideas. I cannot wait to tell my friends of the new stories I will write.

I started writing this particular story for a year now. I am committed to writing and I want to be a published writer. I want to have a series of books that could become a movie sensation! I want to be able to become someone important. I want to be able to make my parents proud that I’m an English major and they would regret telling me to change my major to something that will make money. I will make them proud of me.

Now back to writing stories….


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