photos vs. words

I have made a lot of posts including photos more than the posts with just words. That’s because I have so many good photos and not enough words to describe them! Plus, I’m sure my posts w/ photos are just as good as the ones with words. I do like the reception received with my photos. I can see that people like pictures of food or places I’ve been to and the food I got as my meal/snacks. Hope you enjoy more of my random thoughts and photos on my blog! It really is a dream having a blog and the chance to see if other countries or continents are viewing my blog. I remember last week I saw 7 views from Switzerland! That’s amazing in my book! I want to be known for writing fictional books first but starting with a blog is my beginning point.

The book that I’m currently writing about (for reference, look at “Back to writing stories” post) the eighth chapter is still under construction. The ninth chapter is going great, better ideas have been popping in my head more often and the results will be terrific and scary. The tenth chapter is also in tow. I cannot wait until you all can read it [published and printed, of course], it’s still a longs way to go but I want it to be known. The title is something I am not giving away just yet, again.

Another prospect I am vying for is a degree. I am at a community college now earning my AA-T. After that, I’m going for a B.A in English or something else and maybe, just maybe, a Masters degree in Creative Writing. I do hope to achieve everything I said in this post because I want to be a successful writer plus keep updating the blog with photos and words posts. 🙂


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