New schedules for school, new decisions of what class to take.

A few days ago, I went online to my junior college’s website and the new schedules for Winter and Spring 2016 was updated. I clicked on the links right away to see the entire PDF. I know what I want for winter and I am figuring out what I need to take to get my transfer and degree units for spring. Of course, winter is limited and spring is fully loaded with loads of classes.

There are plenty of classes that I want to take like Zumba or Costume and Fashion History. There are also classes I need like Earth Science or Psychology or English. I need to make the right decisions that will be good for me and good for me to finish school.

But what about what is good for me?

I usually take 3 classes, will I finally take the big step of taking 4 classes and have double digits like 12 units?

Am I ready for this? Can I manage a full load? Everything I will need to do to graduate and move onto a four year is in my hands. Well, my winter registration appointment will be on the day of Halloween. I’ll be taking a class called Children’s Literature or English 218. My spring appointment hasn’t been given to me just yet.

Decisions, decisions. What to do…


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