color vs. black and white


Color vs. black and white picture?

Which do you think is better?

Photo taken at: East Los Angeles Community College (ELAC)


I got my classes for Spring 2016!

I got a humanities 060, English 102, math 125, and Zumba fitness class. I managed to get all of the classes I wanted. I’m so happy. Stress be gone. Now I can relax once I pay for my classes and enjoy that I might almost be done with ELAC. I need two science classes and two English classes left after spring 2016 semester. Also, my college added recently new kinesiology classes including the Zumba Fitness class! I’ve always wanted to try it but now I can try it on school campus. Now I will be juggling four classes and a complete total of 12 units. Wish me luck when February┬ástarts! ┬á

Porto’s Bakery desserts

Collage 2015-11-21 21_59_57

<A tray of assorted small treats, a cake I can’t find on the website {but looks scrumptious}, tiramisu, rustic apple tart, caramel covered Bundt cake, and Parisian cake.>

Has anyone ever heard of Porto’s Bakery? They have stores in Burbank, Downey and Glendale. Today, I went to my uncle’s birthday party and they had catering and dessert from Porto’s. I tried a few desserts and oh my god, so delicious!


My plate had apple pie, a Richard cookie look alike [to my uncle], creampuff, and an opera piece of cake. {From left to right}

If I ever get the chance to be in the area where there is a Porto’s Bakery; I’m going to leave the place with a box of sweets! I couldn’t believe how amazing the desserts were. My family chose a good place to get dessert for a birthday party.

Collage 2015-11-21 22_24_57

<Sponge cake, mango mousse cake, and strudel.>

Which dessert do you like the most from the photos above?

Holiday stuff

Collage 2015-11-19 18_46_34.jpg

Christmas decorations and sweets in markets and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Hey, I don’t mind seeing Christmas stuff but I do miss seeing more d├ęcor for Thanksgiving.

These are four snapshots I took today that I think are pretty sweet holiday stuff. Especially the “fresh baked cookies” candle. Maybe I’ll buy it and I won’t have to buy cookies to let the house smell like home baked dessert. Hahaha. ­čśÇ