Porto’s Bakery desserts

Collage 2015-11-21 21_59_57

<A tray of assorted small treats, a cake I can’t find on the website {but looks scrumptious}, tiramisu, rustic apple tart, caramel covered Bundt cake, and Parisian cake.>

Has anyone ever heard of Porto’s Bakery? They have stores in Burbank, Downey and Glendale. Today, I went to my uncle’s birthday party and they had catering and dessert from Porto’s. I tried a few desserts and oh my god, so delicious!


My plate had apple pie, a Richard cookie look alike [to my uncle], creampuff, and an opera piece of cake. {From left to right}

If I ever get the chance to be in the area where there is a Porto’s Bakery; I’m going to leave the place with a box of sweets! I couldn’t believe how amazing the desserts were. My family chose a good place to get dessert for a birthday party.

Collage 2015-11-21 22_24_57

<Sponge cake, mango mousse cake, and strudel.>

Which dessert do you like the most from the photos above?


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