December is a time to get jolly & merry!

Every Tuesday and Thursday after my English class, I walk to the Ralphs market close to my college campus. I am amazed by how quickly the Thanksgiving décor disappeared and then, presenting the Christmas items front and center. I’m not saying that I’m disappointed or unhappy Christmas decorations are here. I’m saying it’s the time to be wintery and happy!

here is a collage of items I saw yesterday:

Collage 2015-12-02 21_39_05

Enjoy the seasonal décor and cookies and venture outside to find something wintery to bring home.

p.s. I hope mostly everyone doesn’t mind that I’ve been posting (maybe) too many pictures of food and scenery. I certainly don’t mind because I love to show others the brilliant pics from the inside of my camera.

p.p.s. tomorrow, I’ll be going back to Little Tokyo. it’s been a little while since I last walked around in Little Tokyo. Free magazines, same old bakeries and cafes plus I might bring a sweet treat home with me! 😛


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