Weekend whirlwind

Overthinking it

This weekend has been one of those reflecting, imperfect, loud, anxiety batch filled to the brim cocktail weekend. Contemplating the visit to ELAC Gardens, an upper deck and pleasant area for parties and speeches, I imagined what an open mic (poetry/short stories/etc.) would be like. I would have to go to one for extra credit, this was Friday. When I entered the vicinity with a friend from class, I caught my breath and thought to myself, ‘This is it. Volunteer to speak up.’ The nagging voice in the back of my mind instead said, “Don’t. You are not good enough to spar with the high levels of your peers yet. Try again.” I believed I wouldn’t fare as well as I envision myself to be a quote unquote incomparable writer of the year.

Anxiety overwhelmed me. I decided to not speak from my laptop a.k.a. my online poetry book. I enjoyed myself, listening to other people speak of original poems, well known poetry and brilliant thought provoking short stories. I felt disappointed because I didn’t offer to step up to the mic. Although when I talked to friends there, they thought I could have said something, anything. Nope. I grabbed pan dulces and my freezing persona and left the garden.

Whimsical adventure to another place

It is Saturday. I spent half of my day at a store called
Whimsic Alley, address is 5464 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036.
They were holding their Annual Holiday Fair. Holy hell of all fandoms we love and I love to continue to think I know all information about fandoms.
{Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Downtown Abbey, and so much more.}

The holiday fair had vendors:

Nerdy but still Girly,
Riddle’s Tea Shoppe and Curiosities,
Cyndie’s Studio Designs,
S&S ink,
A bird in my hand,
Whimsical Forest,
Clarity Artwork,
Kit’s Designs,
Spitfire Pizza Palace/Ashley flowers.

I don’t have the proper links to their sites of contact but you can look on Facebook for Whimsic Alley & Events for the holiday fair, where you can click on that and see for yourself what they have to offer. Every table I stopped and took several photos at, each person I met made each and every item themselves and/or through a trusted company. I will post a picture sometime later today.

Back to the store itself, it is very Harry Potter interior picturesque and the other rooms are very magical and an atmosphere that you wish you had inside your own life. I didn’t have to go to Universal Studios Hollywood for my inner geek to freak the fandom out! I do like the reviews Whimsic Alley has received on Yelp too, it was very helpful. Oh and when you go, take a camera and wallet because one way or another, you’ll be leaving with a grand smile and very satisfied customer.

Hamburger yoga

It is now Sunday. Cooking for my family is no measly feat. I am overly picky. My tastes are for another anecdote. Anyways, I was preparing and cooking hamburger meat. It was no good fun but served as a relaxation and very comforting stress ball of relief. I could squish the meat over and over again. Pound it and mold it into thick slabs of meat. My mother did assist me when the frying did scare me, a lot. Thankfully, it all worked out and it was tasty. I made hamburgers for my family.


Although this weekend was as stress ball of laughter, noise, and reckless decisions I do not regret anything that happened this weekend. It was uplifting to know my friends are there for me, no matter how many tangents it gets me to stop talking about one topic, no matter how my feelings get the way with life, and no matter what I do, my friends never left my world. They stayed, we grew as individuals and I am forever thankful for everyone.

Yeah, that was my weekend. December 4th-6th. 😛



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