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Buzzfeed Life

The link above this line; It’s my first time trying to add a URL and such. Hope it works out.
Anyways, I thought I should share with three photos I got from the link.
It does refer to people traveling in their twenties but I think it would be pretty great for those in their thirties, forties, fifties and so forth.

Anyways, these quotes will define myself, my way to living life, to pursue great things in small packages, depending on the situation, place and timing. I’ve had a rough week and thought I should share w/ you an insight into my traveler’s instinct to go with no matter the adventure. It’ll take time for me to leave California, both as a state and lifestyle but I hope to travel the world sometime.

Collage 2015-12-11 15_59_02

I borrowed these photos from a Buzzfeed Life article but it made perfect sense to me as a person but as a wanderer of good things and amazing experiences.

Inspirational quotes & photos put so many things into perspective for me and it really helps. Hope everybody is having a chilly, wintery, wonderful weekend! 😀



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