New ways to include pizza in my cookbook.

As usual, I was scrolling through the Buzzfeed Life website and I found a post all about the ’28 Foolproof Ways To Eat Pizza Every Damn Day’ and I clicked on it. It showed me several ways to make different pizza recipes that I could make for myself and my family. The best way I indulge in eating pizza is buying it from the small food corner of a Costco. Their pies are large, full of cheese, and made right in front of you. I’ve seen it happen plenty of times before and it is a sight to see. 😀 Anyways, I thought I would include a photo of the Buzzfeed Life post and the images that I thought with the new recipes I’ll definitely try out soon.

Collage 2016-01-29 01_55_29

I cannot wait to go to the market and pick up the ingredients I will need to make these pizza indulgences whenever I have the time to go.

I’ll also leave the link here if you want to check out these recipes too; 28 Foolproof Ways To Eat Pizza Every Damn Day .

Also, if you want to check out more about my posts about food, check out Scrumptious Delights .


Baking chocolate cookies for dessert

A couple of hours ago, I made cookies. It’s been a while since I’ve baked cookies. It really was awesome to create something fresh.

Collage 2016-01-26 22_49_06

It was pretty easy to make the cookies; all you need was the Betty Crocker cookie batch, 2 tablespoons of water, 1/4 cup of vegetable oil, and one egg. Mix it in one bowl and then scoop it out using a scooper of small morsels onto a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes per tray. Settle them onto a tray and let them cool.

Egg in the middle makeover

Somehow over last week, I lost the feeling to blog. I don’t really know why. Today, I made myself brunch for dinner. Usually, people have heard of egg in the middle or egg in the basket or egg in the hole. It is where you crack an egg into a piece of bread, English muffin or something with bread. I decided to make my new version of egg in the middle using English muffins. I brought out one muffin, one egg, margarine, one frying pan, spatula and a chopstick.


Step one: Place some margarine into the hot frying pan. Make sure the muffins have holes in the middle.

Step two: Place two eggs on the plate. Step three will be the example of one egg at a time.

Step three: Crack one egg into the middle of the muffin. Use the chopstick to stir up the egg to make it scrambled and easy to cook. Wait a few minutes to let the whites cook too.

Step four: Once you notice the one side of the egg in the middle has cooked, use the spatula to flip it over to the other side.

Step five: Use the spatula to press down on the egg in the middle. Make sure each side is cooked and the egg is not wet in the middle unless you like it that way.

Step six: Once you notice the egg in the middle is done, use the spatula to place the finished product in the plate set aside.

And there you have it, my version of egg in the middle. It is completely new and sort of original.

night scenery & boba outing.

This past weekend has been hectic and mentally a headache. I’m going to draw back from the DIY for now because I still have school, homework, home life to take care of, and it’s very refreshing to do outings and take stills of photos that come off as perfection. I went to drink at a popular boba place not far from my house. It was called AU79 teahouse, Au79 teahouse. (link provided). I don’t normally drink boba or tea or coffee in general. I chose the coffee milk tea, iced, and sweetness level 2. I do have to say it was crowded and packed. It reminds me of this comedy channel on YouTube called the FungBros. They’ve done plenty of videos plus comedy skits and i’ll leave this: ( Bobalife music video ) .

They’re pretty funny plus I love to watch their videos pertaining to reviews of food and drinks. So here is a collage I made of the night that let me hang out with some old friends, laugh and just enjoy the small moments the time I spent there. Enjoy!


It was a great night outing plus I drank coffee milk tea and I’ve got to say it was really cool to see the hustle and bustle inside a popular boba place. I don’t normally go out often. Hope you check it out or tell me about your favorite place to go for caffeine.


DIY category -BAM!-

Okay so basically most of my inspiration definitely comes from scrolling through Buzzfeed Life home page and it really helps since I don’t bother to have a Pinterest / Instagram / Tumblr / & Snapchat at all. Seriously I do not. Overall, this blog does mean I can make my own social media blog not vlog (not yet tho) on WordPress! (a.k.a. shoutout to high school friend for supporting a decision I made this past summer!)

Going back to my original title, I am creating a DIY category called “DIY tricks&treats.” Everybody I’ve seen thus far like Withallmyaffection or Introvertess to say the least, they have the most amazing blogs! I felt I needed to do more but then I saw the results. I can make my own personality show without thinking I need to compete. Collages help plus clipart.

PicsArt – Photo Studio, PicCollage, Font Candy and so much from the Window Store on Window compatible computers or new ones like this article kinda promoting and launching color interests like me. I’ll leave this link here. Windows comparison

I will be starting a DIY 5 part posting ( 5 separate but all come from the original homepage [included above] ) . This post is something I’ve been meaning to do. I’ve never really had interest in other blogs till I realized Buzzfeed Life had everything from food to style to family to health to buzz/gossipy rumors going viral and well, life.

I will start the postings this coming weekend. Later!

New year + fab visit to Little Tokyo

Yesterday, I had the great idea to visit Little Tokyo. I had to add more money to my tap card, of course, which is required to use when taking the bus home. Secondly, I wanted to see how the construction in the Little Tokyo stop of the Metro Gold line was coming along. I had my reasons but I didn’t actually expect to see the Japanese Village Plaza and the other connecting streets to be packed and busy with tourists. True, it is the weekend but don’t most people go elsewhere for a fun time? Oh wait, I do that all the time. Coming to Little Tokyo is a great getaway of life. It’s made me acknowledge the style (to which I think I have) and my own personality (which is pretty crazy, happy, lively and bright) that have made me love myself. No matter the situation and the times when it gets tough and I would doubt who I am but that’s no contest to the memories that have helped me to see beyond all of the mess. I am very happy to make collages and be artistic in my own way and being a blogger (which is very new still) have opened me up to new opportunities and fresh creativity that I needed to have now in my life.


So back to being in Little Tokyo, I took pictures and morphed it into collages and the clipart was so cute I had to add it to the collages.


Little Tokyo Galleria was also a great place to be and the Daiso Japan store was huge & so brightly lit and cheap. Tokyo Lifestyle store is another great place to shop because it has nifty items and plush stuffed animals that just cry out to everyone, ‘Pick me, buy me, please don’t walk away empty-handed!’ I’m tempted to buy something every time I enter. But if you are semi broke like me, Daiso Japan is the best store to go to if you need to be thrifty.


Lastly, here is my wares! I bought a heart decorated reusable tote bag, mini blue cup w/ cap included, and sticky notes [not visible in photo]. I brought my umbrella, spare jacket, and buying takeout food from McDonald’s near my house which all in all means it was a good day to be outside my house.

How was your weekend? Comment below and tell me about your wkend.