New year + fab visit to Little Tokyo

Yesterday, I had the great idea to visit Little Tokyo. I had to add more money to my tap card, of course, which is required to use when taking the bus home. Secondly, I wanted to see how the construction in the Little Tokyo stop of the Metro Gold line was coming along. I had my reasons but I didn’t actually expect to see the Japanese Village Plaza and the other connecting streets to be packed and busy with tourists. True, it is the weekend but don’t most people go elsewhere for a fun time? Oh wait, I do that all the time. Coming to Little Tokyo is a great getaway of life. It’s made me acknowledge the style (to which I think I have) and my own personality (which is pretty crazy, happy, lively and bright) that have made me love myself. No matter the situation and the times when it gets tough and I would doubt who I am but that’s no contest to the memories that have helped me to see beyond all of the mess. I am very happy to make collages and be artistic in my own way and being a blogger (which is very new still) have opened me up to new opportunities and fresh creativity that I needed to have now in my life.


So back to being in Little Tokyo, I took pictures and morphed it into collages and the clipart was so cute I had to add it to the collages.


Little Tokyo Galleria was also a great place to be and the Daiso Japan store was huge & so brightly lit and cheap. Tokyo Lifestyle store is another great place to shop because it has nifty items and plush stuffed animals that just cry out to everyone, ‘Pick me, buy me, please don’t walk away empty-handed!’ I’m tempted to buy something every time I enter. But if you are semi broke like me, Daiso Japan is the best store to go to if you need to be thrifty.


Lastly, here is my wares! I bought a heart decorated reusable tote bag, mini blue cup w/ cap included, and sticky notes [not visible in photo]. I brought my umbrella, spare jacket, and buying takeout food from McDonald’s near my house which all in all means it was a good day to be outside my house.

How was your weekend? Comment below and tell me about your wkend.


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