DIY category -BAM!-

Okay so basically most of my inspiration definitely comes from scrolling through Buzzfeed Life home page and it really helps since I don’t bother to have a Pinterest / Instagram / Tumblr / & Snapchat at all. Seriously I do not. Overall, this blog does mean I can make my own social media blog not vlog (not yet tho) on WordPress! (a.k.a. shoutout to high school friend for supporting a decision I made this past summer!)

Going back to my original title, I am creating a DIY category called “DIY tricks&treats.” Everybody I’ve seen thus far like Withallmyaffection or Introvertess to say the least, they have the most amazing blogs! I felt I needed to do more but then I saw the results. I can make my own personality show without thinking I need to compete. Collages help plus clipart.

PicsArt – Photo Studio, PicCollage, Font Candy and so much from the Window Store on Window compatible computers or new ones like this article kinda promoting and launching color interests like me. I’ll leave this link here. Windows comparison

I will be starting a DIY 5 part posting ( 5 separate but all come from the original homepage [included above] ) . This post is something I’ve been meaning to do. I’ve never really had interest in other blogs till I realized Buzzfeed Life had everything from food to style to family to health to buzz/gossipy rumors going viral and well, life.

I will start the postings this coming weekend. Later!


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