night scenery & boba outing.

This past weekend has been hectic and mentally a headache. I’m going to draw back from the DIY for now because I still have school, homework, home life to take care of, and it’s very refreshing to do outings and take stills of photos that come off as perfection. I went to drink at a popular boba place not far from my house. It was called AU79 teahouse, Au79 teahouse. (link provided). I don’t normally drink boba or tea or coffee in general. I chose the coffee milk tea, iced, and sweetness level 2. I do have to say it was crowded and packed. It reminds me of this comedy channel on YouTube called the FungBros. They’ve done plenty of videos plus comedy skits and i’ll leave this: ( Bobalife music video ) .

They’re pretty funny plus I love to watch their videos pertaining to reviews of food and drinks. So here is a collage I made of the night that let me hang out with some old friends, laugh and just enjoy the small moments the time I spent there. Enjoy!


It was a great night outing plus I drank coffee milk tea and I’ve got to say it was really cool to see the hustle and bustle inside a popular boba place. I don’t normally go out often. Hope you check it out or tell me about your favorite place to go for caffeine.



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