Egg in the middle makeover

Somehow over last week, I lost the feeling to blog. I don’t really know why. Today, I made myself brunch for dinner. Usually, people have heard of egg in the middle or egg in the basket or egg in the hole. It is where you crack an egg into a piece of bread, English muffin or something with bread. I decided to make my new version of egg in the middle using English muffins. I brought out one muffin, one egg, margarine, one frying pan, spatula and a chopstick.


Step one: Place some margarine into the hot frying pan. Make sure the muffins have holes in the middle.

Step two: Place two eggs on the plate. Step three will be the example of one egg at a time.

Step three: Crack one egg into the middle of the muffin. Use the chopstick to stir up the egg to make it scrambled and easy to cook. Wait a few minutes to let the whites cook too.

Step four: Once you notice the one side of the egg in the middle has cooked, use the spatula to flip it over to the other side.

Step five: Use the spatula to press down on the egg in the middle. Make sure each side is cooked and the egg is not wet in the middle unless you like it that way.

Step six: Once you notice the egg in the middle is done, use the spatula to place the finished product in the plate set aside.

And there you have it, my version of egg in the middle. It is completely new and sort of original.


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