Thinking of buying new kicks

Somehow, I always seem to like cheap shoes like from Payless, the brand Airwalk. I have liked to wear shoes according to my style. 😀

A) top left: flowers and bright colors
B) bottom left: had this style of shoes before but now it is a bit battered.
C) top right: ❤ the graffiti style, could have bought it but it was a size too small.

Of the 3 above, there are still more styles of shoes I like to wear but could never afford Converse or Adidas cuz it’s a tad expensive. I miss the good old days when Airwalk by Payless had better style produced and I like to remember those were the days I had some fashion sense.

oh and Happy Leap Year!


South Coast Plaza shopping trip.

Two days ago, I travelled a long way from home to Costa Mesa to meet up with my cousin. I took an Amtrak train and two OC buses to get to the shopping mall. It was a lengthy trip and I enjoyed every minute of it. The seats on the Amtrak were very comfy and there was an outlet included and free wifi. There was a café on another part of the train. This part of the trip made me feel like I was travelling far with luggage and was indeed not wanting to leave. The train I took was the Pacific Surf liner that starts at Union Station and goes all the way to San Diego. I bought a ticket online for $17. It was pricey but also worth it. 2016-27-2--21-37-11.jpeg


After arriving at South Coast Plaza, my cousin and I went from store to store. I went through Sears, Godiva, Papyrus, Godiva, Sugarfina, Diptyque, Assouline, Macy’s, South Coast Plaza Village,  Paper Source, Sur La Table, ate at Ruby’s Diner, Harry & David, See’s Candies, Sanrio, Barnes & Noble, Jamba Juice and DSW warehouse. They obviously had high end fashion stores; Saks Fifth Avenue, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo, Express, Louis Vuitton, PRADA, La Perla, Scotch and Soda, Teavana and much more.


My cousin and I went inside Sugarfina! Gourmet candy store and the small boxes cost $7. Larger boxes cost $10. They have everything from chocolate to gummies to candy flowers to the holidays of Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.


They had funny captions like ‘Love Bites’ with [Stop Kissing Frogs, Men are pigs, Plenty of fish in the sea]. Candy flowers were sold for $5. There was also ice cream cones and pale ale pints and pot of gold and sugar lips candies.


There was this cool store called Paper Source, it was full of color, amazingly hoards of paper, stamps and boxes. It was like Michael’s store but much better. The prices varied but I did end up buying two things on clearance.


These are four photos that I took of the South Coast Plaza shopping mall. I really like how big and wide the place was. It was a lot of walking and I am so glad I wore my running shoes or otherwise I would have been exhausted and dead tired. Overall, my visit was incredible and I recommend coming to this mall. It had at least 100 stores (I think) and several food choices that included fine dining places like: Antonello Ristorante, Seasons 52, Marche Moderne and casual dining places like: Din Tai Fung, Nello Cucina, Vie De France, Wolfgang Puck Bistro, and ZCafé.

Lastly, these are my purchases.


I bought heart candy stickers, heart picks, Say I love you manga, Harry & David Apricot Peach Jam, Sugarfina Royal Roses gummies, Paris in Love book by Papyrus store. It was plenty of  money spent and it was well worth it. So glad I matter the effort to go to Costa Mesa.


My small collection of nail polish

There was a giveaway two years ago, the date was February 5, 2014 from Dove Chocolate, a candy brand that had become my latest favorite chocolate candy. I remember submitting daily for a chance to win the nail polish and when the sweepstakes ended, I thought that I wasn’t going to win. My luck with sweepstakes isn’t very good. But a few months later I think, a box came in the mail for me. It was labeled, “Dove Dark Chocolate Sweepstakes.” I couldn’t believe it! Somehow, I thought I had actually won. As it turns out, when I went online to the Facebook page, there were other people commenting on receiving their box of nail polishes. I wrote ‘thank you’ and opened up the box and it revealed the two bottles of nail polish; Nicole by O.P.I. Better after Dark and Promises in the Dark colors. Instead it had a coupon for a free chocolate bat and said the nail polish was from the “Dark Side Sweepstakes from Dove Chocolate and Nicole by O.P.I.” I tried both nail polishes and the two had a very pretty brown color. I was very happy with receiving the gift.



From left to right: Cherry Frost, Black Edge, Starry Blue, Hot Red, and Hot Paris Pink.

To this day, I have bought three other nail polishes. I bought one called Starry Blue. I bought one called Black Edge. I bought one called Hot Red. I also treated myself to new tubes of lipstick. One was called Cherry Frost and the other was called Hot Paris Pink. I don’t wear lipstick that often. Last time, I wore makeup like eye shadow, blush, lipstick was like four years ago at prom night. I do like wearing nail polish though. It’s easy to take the polish off and it is very pretty to look at my nails too.

Zumba fitness

I know most of my recent blog posts have been about food and dessert so I decided to change it up a little. A week and a half ago, my spring semester at my community college started. I am currently taking a Zumba fitness class and it is kicking my butt. Zumba is pretty much the most awesome workout ever, dancing to great music, with great people, and burning a ton of calories without realizing it. Most of the songs we’ve danced to was Jess Glynne, Pitbull, Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, and much more. I sweat easily and this is the first class that is a workout for me. Truth be told, I haven’t worked out in a few years. I’ve gained weight and I certainly want to lose weight and get back on track to a life with less struggle to put on jeans, find smaller sizes in dresses and shirts and not be short of breath after one flight of stairs.

Anyways, this is the second week of Zumba and I’m loving it! I have fourteen more weeks -3 months- and I’m really hoping I lose weight and I’ll continue to workout for the better things in my life. 😀

By the way, here is two types of shoes I was looking at, and the bottom picture is of course, the shoe I bought.


Valentine’s Day future inspirations

Collage 2016-02-12 22_31_20

I found all of these baked goods at Vons!

Collage 2016-02-14 00_43_29

Most of these pictures came from Buzzfeed Life. Strawberry treats & DIY Chocolates & Decadent Cupcake Recipes & much more found at

I hope next Valentine’s Day I’ll have learned to make one of these recipes and post it on my blog. Or I intend to buy a cake from Vons and also post it on the blog. Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤ ❤ ❤

How I spent my Valentine’s Day

Most of my Valentine’s Day have been without a date or a Valentine. Today, I managed to finish the rest of my math homework. Then I went out to the market for groceries and after that I went to Baskin Robbins for pure indulgence. I bought two scoops of chocolate in a cup and then another double scoop of gold medal ribbon (chocolate, caramel, and vanilla) and cookies n cream. I also went to Burger King for burger and fries and a medium sized Cherry Icee. Next, I went to Tanbii Bakery for egg tarts, custard bread, and hot dog bread. I got my mom and dad a bag of dove chocolate and made a homemade card. My Valentine’s Day wasn’t that great but I did love eating chocolate and receiving a Valentine’s Day card from my family and friends. 😀 ❤


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!


Krusteaz Triple Chocolate Chunk

Collage 2016-02-12 23_02_24

Baking chocolate chip cookies again! I think baking chocolate chip cookies is my calling. I’m not that good with cooking but with baking dessert, that’s my niche. Something with making sweet treats for my family and friends always cheers me up and plus, I get plenty of praises and thumbs up. 😀 The cookies came out great and tasted awesome!