How I spent my Valentine’s Day

Most of my Valentine’s Day have been without a date or a Valentine. Today, I managed to finish the rest of my math homework. Then I went out to the market for groceries and after that I went to Baskin Robbins for pure indulgence. I bought two scoops of chocolate in a cup and then another double scoop of gold medal ribbon (chocolate, caramel, and vanilla) and cookies n cream. I also went to Burger King for burger and fries and a medium sized Cherry Icee. Next, I went to Tanbii Bakery for egg tarts, custard bread, and hot dog bread. I got my mom and dad a bag of dove chocolate and made a homemade card. My Valentine’s Day wasn’t that great but I did love eating chocolate and receiving a Valentine’s Day card from my family and friends. 😀 ❤


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!



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