Zumba fitness

I know most of my recent blog posts have been about food and dessert so I decided to change it up a little. A week and a half ago, my spring semester at my community college started. I am currently taking a Zumba fitness class and it is kicking my butt. Zumba is pretty much the most awesome workout ever, dancing to great music, with great people, and burning a ton of calories without realizing it. Most of the songs we’ve danced to was Jess Glynne, Pitbull, Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, and much more. I sweat easily and this is the first class that is a workout for me. Truth be told, I haven’t worked out in a few years. I’ve gained weight and I certainly want to lose weight and get back on track to a life with less struggle to put on jeans, find smaller sizes in dresses and shirts and not be short of breath after one flight of stairs.

Anyways, this is the second week of Zumba and I’m loving it! I have fourteen more weeks -3 months- and I’m really hoping I lose weight and I’ll continue to workout for the better things in my life. 😀

By the way, here is two types of shoes I was looking at, and the bottom picture is of course, the shoe I bought.



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