My small collection of nail polish

There was a giveaway two years ago, the date was February 5, 2014 from Dove Chocolate, a candy brand that had become my latest favorite chocolate candy. I remember submitting daily for a chance to win the nail polish and when the sweepstakes ended, I thought that I wasn’t going to win. My luck with sweepstakes isn’t very good. But a few months later I think, a box came in the mail for me. It was labeled, “Dove Dark Chocolate Sweepstakes.” I couldn’t believe it! Somehow, I thought I had actually won. As it turns out, when I went online to the Facebook page, there were other people commenting on receiving their box of nail polishes. I wrote ‘thank you’ and opened up the box and it revealed the two bottles of nail polish; Nicole by O.P.I. Better after Dark and Promises in the Dark colors. Instead it had a coupon for a free chocolate bat and said the nail polish was from the “Dark Side Sweepstakes from Dove Chocolate and Nicole by O.P.I.” I tried both nail polishes and the two had a very pretty brown color. I was very happy with receiving the gift.



From left to right: Cherry Frost, Black Edge, Starry Blue, Hot Red, and Hot Paris Pink.

To this day, I have bought three other nail polishes. I bought one called Starry Blue. I bought one called Black Edge. I bought one called Hot Red. I also treated myself to new tubes of lipstick. One was called Cherry Frost and the other was called Hot Paris Pink. I don’t wear lipstick that often. Last time, I wore makeup like eye shadow, blush, lipstick was like four years ago at prom night. I do like wearing nail polish though. It’s easy to take the polish off and it is very pretty to look at my nails too.


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