Lunch at the Hat.

Collage 2016-03-25 23_53_09

Today we ordered food from the Hat for lunch. 🙂 Man, I love eating food from the Hat.

Mom had the tamale (top left)
I had a chiliburger and fries (middle picture)
Dad had the pastrami (top right)
Brother ate a turkey sandwich (not pictured)
We also ordered a cup of chili to go with the order of fries.

Do you have a favorite place to get burgers and fries?

Look at that pastrami… so much meat! Nom! My burger was really good too. Mom’s tamale was so messy yet so good according to her. Fries were delicious too! #lovethehat ❤


Midterms week

It’s that time again, midterms week! I had a midterm today for English 1o2 and man, I really feel that I did horrible! The first reason was because I was studying crazy for my math test which is my first class of the day and I was trying to remember each formula correctly. The second reason was that I was tired, like yawning and falling asleep sitting on the ground kind of sleepy. There’s this one building on campus that has a couch that’s really comfy to sit on and to sleep on. There was a guy sleeping in my usual spot and he didn’t budge at all. I am so tired!!! I wish I was able to get some Zzzz’s. Tomorrow, there’s going to be another midterm on humanities. Thank god for my Zumba class there won’t be a midterm, at least I don’t think. I am under several levels of stress. There’s so much to study and to remember. Wish me luck! I’m just venting about school. It’s 3 tough classes and sometimes, I feel like I can’t handle all of the stress and homework.

new windows 10 photo app

I downloaded a new Windows 10 app called Photofunia. I used a famous celebrity’s photo and it came out great! this photo set the scene “Roses and Marshmallows” perfectly. G Hannelius is the name of the celeb. She’s the founder of customized nail-wrap app titled ‘Make Me Nails’. what do you think of the photo?

PhotoFunia Roses and Marshmallows Large 2016-03-26 07 52 30

Tajimi Pottery, Little Tokyo Galleria

Inside the Little Tokyo Galleria, there is a store called Tajimi Pottery full of bowls and dishes, tea items, mugs and cups, sake items, sushi items, cast iron, lacquerware, and kitchenware. I am always amazed by the items they have. I have bought sakura blossoms styled chopsticks twice before. They do have sales and prices vary per item. It’s a nice place to shop and I think if anyone wants to buy certain pottery pieces, this is the place to go to. 😀

Collage 2016-03-19 21_34_00

Also, this is the place I think I’ll buy something nice for a friend. Maybe a sake set, I have yet to try some sake though. The best part of this store is that there is so much to choose from! I plan to go back again with friends and buy the item in the second picture below: (the top right image with the chopsticks and bowl combo.) ❤

Collage 2016-03-19 21_43_33

333 S Alameda Suite 114, Los Angeles, CA 90013 this is where you can find this place!


Dinner outing.

Today, I went out to dinner with family at Norm’s Restaurant. We told the waiter what we wanted. The atmosphere and ambiance is really good here. It’s very loud and crowded too so you need to have patience when you are told to wait. Here, they serve breakfast all day, lunch and dinner for a good price.

This is what we ordered.

Collage 2016-03-18 00_28_40.jpg

My dish: A stack of pancakes (3), scrambled eggs, and hash browns. (Top right image).

My dad ordered the special; 3/4 Pound T-Bone Steak, it comes with steamed vegetables, and the choice of a side; he chose a baked potato with everything on the side. (Bottom left image).
With my dad’s dish, it came with soup, salad, and dessert. He got Chicken Gumbo, (top left image).

My mom ordered the Fisherman’s Wharf Combo: a bountiful array of Tempura White Fish, Fried Shrimp and sautéed Salmon, it is served with Tartar and Cocktail Sauce and fresh Lemon. (Bottom middle image).
Her dish came the choice of soup or salad. She got the chicken tortilla soup (Top middle image).

Lastly, dessert came. My dad got a chocolate sundae for me. He knows I love chocolate. Anyways, this place is the place to go to with a large crowd and friends because all of the food comes at great prices and with enough to take home as leftovers. I think having the choice of having breakfast, lunch and dinner at a restaurant is awesome to have so you can pick something new every time you go. I usually stick to my comfort zone: breakfast or burgers. But all in all, the dinner outing was delicious and it felt great to get out of my house.



Deciding what new notebook to purchase

I have wanted to buy some new notebooks for awhile. I was scrolling through Buzzfeed Life’s newsfeed and I clicked on the link that said: 24 Incredibly Awesome Notebooks You’ll Want To Write In. There are 24 different notebooks and the prices vary. There are some that cost from $5 to $12, and the most costly of notebooks cost up to $28. I chose a few to share with you. There is one included that is Tina Belcher (Bob’s Burgers tv show) approved. Enjoy and happy pi day!


My favorites are included in the second image, erotic friend fiction, my life story so far and my list of bodies buried in the woods. 😀 you can find more here Notebooks that inspire you to start writing .