trying Jamba Juice again.

For a long time, I didn’t like what Jamba Juice had to offer and then again, I am very picky and I don’t try new things often. I would give away any gift cards  pertaining drinks I don’t go to; like Jamba Juice or Starbucks. I also thought that the drinks at Jamba Juice was too expensive or not accustomed to my tastes. Until recently, my cousin and I went to a Jamba Juice location in Costa Mesa. She tried a Strawberry SurfRider which consists of Lemonade, Strawberries, Lime Sherbert (Contains Milk), Ice, Peaches. I tried a Chocolate Moo’d which consisted of Chocolate Moo’d Base (Contains Milk), Nonfat Frozen Yogurt (Contains Milk), Ice. It didn’t taste so bad. It was pretty great! So I tried the same drink at a Monterey Park location and I ordered a large Chocolate Moo’d. Same great taste and I am going to try some other items from the menu in due time. 😀


Top left: Strawberry Surf Rider

Bottom right: Chocolate Moo’d



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