Dinner outing.

Today, I went out to dinner with family at Norm’s Restaurant. We told the waiter what we wanted. The atmosphere and ambiance is really good here. It’s very loud and crowded too so you need to have patience when you are told to wait. Here, they serve breakfast all day, lunch and dinner for a good price.

This is what we ordered.

Collage 2016-03-18 00_28_40.jpg

My dish: A stack of pancakes (3), scrambled eggs, and hash browns. (Top right image).

My dad ordered the special; 3/4 Pound T-Bone Steak, it comes with steamed vegetables, and the choice of a side; he chose a baked potato with everything on the side. (Bottom left image).
With my dad’s dish, it came with soup, salad, and dessert. He got Chicken Gumbo, (top left image).

My mom ordered the Fisherman’s Wharf Combo: a bountiful array of Tempura White Fish, Fried Shrimp and sautéed Salmon, it is served with Tartar and Cocktail Sauce and fresh Lemon. (Bottom middle image).
Her dish came the choice of soup or salad. She got the chicken tortilla soup (Top middle image).

Lastly, dessert came. My dad got a chocolate sundae for me. He knows I love chocolate. Anyways, this place is the place to go to with a large crowd and friends because all of the food comes at great prices and with enough to take home as leftovers. I think having the choice of having breakfast, lunch and dinner at a restaurant is awesome to have so you can pick something new every time you go. I usually stick to my comfort zone: breakfast or burgers. But all in all, the dinner outing was delicious and it felt great to get out of my house.




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