Midterms week

It’s that time again, midterms week! I had a midterm today for English 1o2 and man, I really feel that I did horrible! The first reason was because I was studying crazy for my math test which is my first class of the day and I was trying to remember each formula correctly. The second reason was that I was tired, like yawning and falling asleep sitting on the ground kind of sleepy. There’s this one building on campus that has a couch that’s really comfy to sit on and to sleep on. There was a guy sleeping in my usual spot and he didn’t budge at all. I am so tired!!! I wish I was able to get some Zzzz’s. Tomorrow, there’s going to be another midterm on humanities. Thank god for my Zumba class there won’t be a midterm, at least I don’t think. I am under several levels of stress. There’s so much to study and to remember. Wish me luck! I’m just venting about school. It’s 3 tough classes and sometimes, I feel like I can’t handle all of the stress and homework.


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