My Din Tai Fung foodie experience

Three days ago on a Sunday, I had my first experience trying the dim sum from Din Tai Fung in Arcadia. I haven’t been too fond of dim sum but I was willing to try this restaurant. My experience was really good here by the way. There was a fifteen to twenty minute wait and they give you a slip of paper that has the whole menu and prices. The waiters tell you to order whatever quantity of dishes you want on the paper and they will take your order from that paper. We got seated and it was very crowded inside the place and the waiters were very friendly and helpful. I will share these photos with you:


Photos [Clockwise] : They offered hot tea, I ordered Diet Coke, and they gave us small plates of radish. Next, my friend ordered noodles with spicy sauce, then there’s my plate of food consisting of sticky rice and pork shao mai, pork xiaolongbao and pork bun. Lastly, that is a plate of sticky rice and pork shao mai. The noodles had an okay taste but I didn’t like the sauce it was covered with. The shao mai was good though.


Photos [Clockwise] : Fish dumplings, vegetable dumplings. These were half orders, you can order a half order instead of a full order. My friend liked the fish dumpling better than the vegetable dumpling. Next is the two pieces of pork bun. The waiter asked us if we wanted it cut in twos or thirds. The waiters really are helpful and attentive. My friend ordered the cucumber salad. She liked the taste and presentation. 🙂


Photos [Clockwise] : This is a picture of the menu book. For first timers, the waiter showed us a menu book so we could see what we wanted to order. We got an order of pork xiaolongbao (10 pcs.) I also ordered some to go. The next photo is of me holding a soup spoon and a pork xiaolongbao. Lastly, the photo is of a gentle bite of the soup dumpling. The experience was everlasting. I loved the shao mai, pork bun, and xiaolongbao. Din Tai Fung also has a location in Taipei. I’ve heard of such good reviews on yelp about this place. This was a good place to eat at and it had so much good food! 5 stars! By the way, it is way better to get there at least a few minutes after it opens because it gets super crowded and waiting is a bore. Haha. 😀 Do you have a favorite place to get dim sum?


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