Brewery Artwalk 2016

The Brewery Artwalk is a twice annual open studio weekend at the worlds largest art complex. With over 100 participating resident artists, you will have the opportunity to see new works, discover new favorites, speak with the artists and purchase artwork directly from the artists’ studios.

Brewery Artwalk here is the website, check it out!

I went with my cousin a week ago, April 3rd, 2016. I am a little late to posting this.

Collage 2016-04-12 17_27_51.jpg

There was so much art and artists there in the large space they had. It was held at 2100 N Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90031. I think they had a great success to having it open to the public. Also, most of the art was pricey, I wasn’t able to buy art this time but I will go again when the Brewery Artwalk is having another event. The picture collage above has all of my favorite pics of art that I really enjoyed. It was crowded, buzzing with anticipation, loud and very cool art exhibit. There were many stories the artists told to people and when I entered into every space, it was like entering their own art studio/space. It felt awesome to enter into a world of creativity and cultural acceptance of indescribable art.


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