Walking around Rite Aid’s beauty aisle.

As usual, I was walking through Rite Aid or sometimes CVS, I am amazed by the makeup.

Collage 2016-04-27 09_25_31

Here’s what I saw: eyeshadow products from Almay (the brand I do prefer) they were displaying different types per eye color you may have. I have brown eyes. I also don’t wear eyeshadow often either. It’s rare when I do. Next, they had more palettes next to the eyeshadow and eyeliner. Next to that in a diff. brand collection, they had color tattoo by Maybelline.

Collage 2016-04-27 09_27_17

I actually saw something that I’d buy. It was CoverGirl’s oh sugar lip balm. Such pretty pink and purple shades. It cost too much though. $7.99 for one? Let’s see when I’ll be able to afford it soon… 😛

Plus I’m adding this vlogger from YouTube to this post, I watch her other channel: ItsJudyLife but this link is to ItsJudyTime where she posts all over makeup videos:

itsJudyTime makeup tips she is a mommy to three girls and she & her husband Benji Travis film daily vlogs of their lives in Seattle, Washington. If you have time check out this link to itsJudyLife enjoy!!!


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