Honda-Ya Izakaya

5/28/16 I went to use a free $30 gift certificate I won from entering in a magazine. We ordered yaki udon, yaki onigiri plain, crab shumai, miso ramen, negi maki, potato and cheese gratin and French fries. The place got crowded quickly because people were lining up minutes before we entered in (I came with … Continue reading Honda-Ya Izakaya


Books about food & food in Little Tokyo

Books about food The books above is from the bookstore called Kinokuniya . I'm including the link. Someday, I will buy a book. It's pricey here. 🙂 Food in Little Tokyo This time I was a lot more adventurous with trying new food. I tried chocolate mocha ice cream, chocolate and raspberry macarons, and an imagawayaki. I … Continue reading Books about food & food in Little Tokyo

Japanese Market candies

My best part of coming into this one store into Little Tokyo, it is Nijiya Market between 1st and 2nd street. These candies are truly wonderful and you can buy them at Nijiya Market. I'll be making my own candies, melting chocolate and freezing it and eating it. I hope it will taste fine.