Their message: LEMONADE is a modern marketplace serving a colorful bounty of Seasonal California Comfort Food in a bright cafeteria setting. A comfortable place where folks can enjoy a rotating daily spread of deliciousness: from ruggedly roasted Brussels sprouts to grain salads from around the world to braised short ribs falling off the bone. Our dishes stress simple preparations with global taste, and are a perfect fit for today’s on-the-go lifestyle and perceptive palate.

[for the rest of the message, please click on this: LemonadeLA. ]

Collage 2016-04-30 21_48_55


They have a full menu including salads, soups and chili, meat, fish and dessert plus lemonade. Their lemonade is pure deliciousness. I ordered one (top left picture w/ the bottle), and this is right next to the MOCA Grand Museum. There are plenty of tables and chairs for you to sit and enjoy the meal you have bought. To me, it seemed like a great place to meet up with your friends and just chat about current events in your life/world.

Collage 2016-04-30 21_46_48

Mind you, the dessert was priced just right. I couldn’t believe the macarons were huge! The tiny cupcakes were adorable too. I’ll include this image that is a part of the collage so you can see what they had in the display case.


They also had a $30 picture book by the cashier. It truly was a awesome place to enter into and they have plenty of other locations in multiple cities. Till then..


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