Festivities at my college

Late post of a Cinco De Mayo celebration.

About 9 days ago, there was a Cinco De Mayo festival held at my junior college.

Collage 2016-05-13 01_29_53

There were at least twenty to thirty clubs that had presented food booths. Our college decided to make the day a tasting event. It was pretty epic. You had to buy a wristband for ten dollars in order to get to taste everything. I managed to take plenty of pictures of the delectable food. Our club served tinga, it is a Mexican dish made with shredded chicken in a sauce made of red and green tomatoes, chipotle chili and onion strips. Plenty of people frequented our table. Other clubs had put out churros w/ or w/out ice cream, Mexican pastries, seven layer dip and chips, mole, Mexican rice and tortillas, tamales, ice cream sandwiches, tacos, flan, cupcakes, hot dogs, and much more. I agreed with my club when I said that this event was amazing and well put together.


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