Deciding to make mini tarts/pies

I’ve decided that I will make a batch of mini tarts or pies, depending on the availability of ingredients in my house. Not this week but maybe in 2 weeks.

It’ll be made after finals week.

Collage 2016-05-25 00_28_06.jpg

There are some recipes that require no baking at all, store bought tartlets, and some with premade crusts. It’ll be my first time making a mini tart or pie. So when the post is up, I’m not so sure the tarts/pies will look so delectable as the images above. I think I’ll manage with the best of my capabilities but do know this, it will be my first time makin a mini tart or mini pie.

Here’s the website for more tarts and their recipes: Delicious Mini Tarts And Pies


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