Glendale Din Tai Fung

So this post is a little late. These photos were taken May 30 2016.

Suggestions for this location: It’s right outside the Americana mall, in Glendale. People form a line a half hour, even more before the restaurant opens. It is bigger than the Arcadia location. 177 Caruso Avenue Glendale, CA 91210 is the address for this location. Make sure you can find parking. Try to go early or make sure it’s on a day where less people frequent this mall.

Tips: Go online to for pictures or information about Din Tai Fung if you still have more questions. also, with this post, I am adding along my first Din Tai Fung foodie experience. First Din Tai Fung visit enjoy!

Collage 2016-06-05 11_23_59

First row: Cucumber salad, Pork bun, Vegetarian Fried noodles.
Second row: Fish dumplings, chicken dumplings, Shrimp noodle soup.

Collage 2016-06-04 23_14_58

This is collage all put together of my new love for Xiao long baos. I really feel in love with the taste, the new food, the change that it increased my palate. I included a photo of them making the dumplings.




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