Spring finals are over. :)

Okay, so my finals are finally over. Finally. I took on a full load consisting of four classes; Math, English, Zumba, and Humanities. I’ve been pretty busy juggling homework, quizzes, tests and workouts. I actually danced 12 times to 12 songs for my Zumba final. I was exhausted right after class ended. I so wish it was being taught the next full semester. My other finals were a breeze. Math still is so difficult. 🙂

In 6 days, I return back to school for summer. I’m taking Biology for 5 weeks. I’ll be stuck in a class room for two hours (lecture) and (lab). Plus, I’ll be there at school four days a week. Ughh. But I need this class. I really needed a break from school but I admit going to a community college before going to an university was a good move at least for me. Most of my friends are graduating this year and I’m jealous. They are moving forward with their lives and I’m still at the community college level.

My last year in high school, I remember I didn’t even know what I was going to do after high school ended. I ended up writing a story full of violence, hatred, and hints of humor. It was the first story that I have completed. My second story that I started last year, I took a 3 month hiatus and this past weekend, I finally had new material. It’s been so long since I entered in something new, something that flowed with the storyline. With my life, I feel that I may get to finish the 2nd story because so much of my life now has gotten in the way. I have had a lot of writer’s block here and now.

But as life goes on, I can promise myself that I want to finish the 2nd story and get it published. I want to create new stories. I want to become a successful writer. I want my family to realize my major, Creative Writing, is worth the wait and that I will make it, even if everything is going digital.

Anyways, finals are over and summer school is only a week away. Rant over.


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