Bagels and coffee + so much more

Has anyone heard of Einstein Bros. Bagels?

Ever been in Hastings Ranch, Pasadena? 3711 E Foothill Blvd Pasadena, CA [address]

There’s a Ralph’s market right near this bagel and coffee hot spot.

Collage 2016-07-26 01_22_05

Bagels and Coffee this is a link to their Facebook page for this location.

I found some Nesquik and Starbucks brand products in the coffee & tea aisle.

At the Einstein’s Bros. Bagels location, they serve bagels both plain to specialty bagels made there. They serve coffee, tea, and lemonade. They changed the look of the décor inside of the place. I know they have plenty of locations all over Cali.  They also do catering. ❤ I love to get their sourdough, cheesy bacon, spinach Florentine, cherry pastry, and they have some signature cream cheese to go along with the bagels if you choose to buy some.

It’s also the same place where you can go to Whole Foods Market, The Habit, Wells Fargo, and much more like See’s Candies, Subway, and Kabuki. It’s the best place to get bagels and coffee & so much more. 😀


Korean Spicy Ramen Challenge.?!…

Okay, so, has anyone seen the videos and the nonstop reactions to this on YouTube?

well, guess what? I bought a packet of 5 (Five) ramen individual cook yourself – on Amazon.

There was an obvious take one. I was pretty curious but anxious about trying it.

I bought it online because I didn’t know where in Koreatown and which markets are closed and/or gone; so I bought it on Amazon.

Collage 2016-07-21 00_53_52

Okay, so when I tried it [follow the arrows] and yes, I took pictures… It’s best to have milk near you. I tried water but no……..that doesn’t help you at all.

There was a second take months later, that spiciness stuck with me and I told my many friends and family that I tried it. The second time was much better. I took my time to eat it.

Collage 2016-07-21 00_48_42

I wanted to document my experience. Take your time. DON’T RUSH to eat it like the challenges are pictured. I learned my lesson the first time. The heat creeps up on you. Whoo! That is hot! But drinking milk definitely helped. I have to check back with my other posts but I don’t recall if I shared these pics before on my blog site.

I’m Chinese and was always brought up to learn: try before you taste it, start small, and if you like it, go back & try again. By the way, after the second try; I sought for the search and if you live in #DTLA or near there, can you tell me where/what market to go to find this brand again? It can be near there or a local Asian market or chain, please.

So. have has anyone watched the videos on YouTube & tried it for themselves? Mind you, I am slowly growing to like it. Hahaha. Have a safe and fun summer!!

Hello Kitty craze taking over Cali..

Did you hear the latest news about #HelloKitty in California?

As many may recall, Hello Kitty has grown to be a huge favorite all around the world. As for me, I loved this character ever since childhood.

But that’s not the only news everyone is talking about right now..

Collage 2016-07-26 02_13_11.jpg

Located in Irvine, there’s a new Hello Kitty Café/Bakery that popped up on the map recently.

Here’s the Yelp page link: Hello Kitty Cafe

Check out the reviews on this site and/social media before you decide to come here. I heard it gets as crowded as food trucks do in a small and packed place/location. Take your time and enjoy your experience here.

Upper left hand corner – this is a picture someone else took of the menu found on Yelp~~

Lower left bottom – Kid Cuisine frozen TV dinner franchise* and Hello Kitty theme

Right hand big picture – Betty Crocker Baking Cookies product.

Have fun and safe summer!!

Celebrity Cookbooks

This past weekend, I had a family outing and we went into Barnes and Noble. You won’t believe what I found in the cookbook aisle.

I will include the authors’ names of cookbooks pictured below.

Top row: The Chew (ABC cooking tv show), Claudia Sandoval (U.S. Masterchef season 6 winner), and Bridget Moynahan (actress & stars on (CBS tv show).

Collage 2016-07-18 13_58_36

Bottom row: Katie Lee, The Bob’s Burgers Burger Cookbook (Fox animated tv show), and Ina Garten.



Target beauty & books

Another visit to Target was pretty productive. Found a bunch of products that I haven’t seen before. I saw the CoverGirl’s LashBlast Mascara, 3 different types like the ones I’ve been seeing in tv commercials lately. Revlon had a new matte balm, very cool colors and not a bad price. Another CoverGirl product was Lipstick Smooches for a little more than $4. Elf products were present too.

Collage 2016-07-09 17_44_34

Secondly, I saw an array of books that caught my eye. Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook, Cravings, was 30% off. Secret Life of Pets Funko Pop! Snowball was there too. I do want to buy Love & Gelato book but it costs too much now, I’m waiting for another sale to happen.

Collage 2016-07-09 17_46_56

2 great things found at Target once again.

Beauty and Books.

Nijiya Market snacks

Yesterday, I went to Little Tokyo to stop by for a magazine pickup. I wandered into Nijiya Market that is right next to the magazines rack. I usually stand around the snack aisle but this time, I decided to walk around the entire store and taking pictures of the food and drink items. I did see some interesting items including some of the stuff I saw in their newsletter. I was tempted to buy the apple and grape drinks with Pokémon theme. I also saw an incredible chips and gyoza (also known as pot stickers) in the frozen aisles.

Collage 2016-07-08 19_49_06

Secondly, I saw the food. It was immensely stocked and bento boxes and snack food was there right in the front of the store. Sweet rolls and taiyaki are next to the food, of course.

Collage 2016-07-08 19_51_38

Some things that can be bought like crackers, chips, cookies, and much more is moderately priced here. What I could believe; if I had enough money, I would buy everything I liked in the store.