Nijiya Market snacks

Yesterday, I went to Little Tokyo to stop by for a magazine pickup. I wandered into Nijiya Market that is right next to the magazines rack. I usually stand around the snack aisle but this time, I decided to walk around the entire store and taking pictures of the food and drink items. I did see some interesting items including some of the stuff I saw in their newsletter. I was tempted to buy the apple and grape drinks with Pokémon theme. I also saw an incredible chips and gyoza (also known as pot stickers) in the frozen aisles.

Collage 2016-07-08 19_49_06

Secondly, I saw the food. It was immensely stocked and bento boxes and snack food was there right in the front of the store. Sweet rolls and taiyaki are next to the food, of course.

Collage 2016-07-08 19_51_38

Some things that can be bought like crackers, chips, cookies, and much more is moderately priced here. What I could believe; if I had enough money, I would buy everything I liked in the store.


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