Hello Kitty craze taking over Cali..

Did you hear the latest news about #HelloKitty in California?

As many may recall, Hello Kitty has grown to be a huge favorite all around the world. As for me, I loved this character ever since childhood.

But that’s not the only news everyone is talking about right now..

Collage 2016-07-26 02_13_11.jpg

Located in Irvine, there’s a new Hello Kitty Café/Bakery that popped up on the map recently.

Here’s the Yelp page link: Hello Kitty Cafe

Check out the reviews on this site and/social media before you decide to come here. I heard it gets as crowded as food trucks do in a small and packed place/location. Take your time and enjoy your experience here.

Upper left hand corner – this is a picture someone else took of the menu found on Yelp~~

Lower left bottom – Kid Cuisine frozen TV dinner franchise* and Hello Kitty theme

Right hand big picture – Betty Crocker Baking Cookies product.

Have fun and safe summer!!


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