Korean Spicy Ramen Challenge.?!…

Okay, so, has anyone seen the videos and the nonstop reactions to this on YouTube?

well, guess what? I bought a packet of 5 (Five) ramen individual cook yourself – on Amazon.

There was an obvious take one. I was pretty curious but anxious about trying it.

I bought it online because I didn’t know where in Koreatown and which markets are closed and/or gone; so I bought it on Amazon.

Collage 2016-07-21 00_53_52

Okay, so when I tried it [follow the arrows] and yes, I took pictures… It’s best to have milk near you. I tried water but no……..that doesn’t help you at all.

There was a second take months later, that spiciness stuck with me and I told my many friends and family that I tried it. The second time was much better. I took my time to eat it.

Collage 2016-07-21 00_48_42

I wanted to document my experience. Take your time. DON’T RUSH to eat it like the challenges are pictured. I learned my lesson the first time. The heat creeps up on you. Whoo! That is hot! But drinking milk definitely helped. I have to check back with my other posts but I don’t recall if I shared these pics before on my blog site.

I’m Chinese and was always brought up to learn: try before you taste it, start small, and if you like it, go back & try again. By the way, after the second try; I sought for the search and if you live in #DTLA or near there, can you tell me where/what market to go to find this brand again? It can be near there or a local Asian market or chain, please.

So. have has anyone watched the videos on YouTube & tried it for themselves? Mind you, I am slowly growing to like it. Hahaha. Have a safe and fun summer!!


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