Bagels and coffee + so much more

Has anyone heard of Einstein Bros. Bagels?

Ever been in Hastings Ranch, Pasadena? 3711 E Foothill Blvd Pasadena, CA [address]

There’s a Ralph’s market right near this bagel and coffee hot spot.

Collage 2016-07-26 01_22_05

Bagels and Coffee this is a link to their Facebook page for this location.

I found some Nesquik and Starbucks brand products in the coffee & tea aisle.

At the Einstein’s Bros. Bagels location, they serve bagels both plain to specialty bagels made there. They serve coffee, tea, and lemonade. They changed the look of the décor inside of the place. I know they have plenty of locations all over Cali.  They also do catering. ❤ I love to get their sourdough, cheesy bacon, spinach Florentine, cherry pastry, and they have some signature cream cheese to go along with the bagels if you choose to buy some.

It’s also the same place where you can go to Whole Foods Market, The Habit, Wells Fargo, and much more like See’s Candies, Subway, and Kabuki. It’s the best place to get bagels and coffee & so much more. 😀


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