After the Godiva store, I ate lunch with my family in the food court and I was able to have the sweet chance to check out popbar. Here is a helpful link: Popbar Arcadia Yelp page. This time, I did not have the chance to buy a popbar because I was already planning on buying ice cream at 31’s [Baskin Robbins]. Thankfully, I asked the staff if I could take pictures, they said it was okay. It’s not that big of a store but I do agree with the atmosphere and décor of the place. Very modern and very fresh.


As you walk up to the place, I saw that they had 3 large sized popbars on the wall that let you see how you can make your own piece. They called them popGelato and popSorbetto. Each pop is made on location and they have a sweet 3 step process; pick your bar, drench that bar with liquefied chocolate, and many toppings, and then eat your creation. Then with your popbar, you can take a picture with one of the popbars on the wall inside.

Collage 2016-08-05 18_05_29

Below is the last collage I made. It is the photos of the popGelato and popSorbetto. They even had a nice waffle cone ceramic supporting Pokémon Go players for the three teams. As you can see, they had a wide display of flavors varying from which kind of popbar you wanted: pineapple, passion fruit, mixed berries, chocolate, cream, hazelnut, coconut, yogurt to pumpkin pie. It all varies on how you want to choose for your taste buds and how adventurous you want it to become.

Collage 2016-08-05 17_59_38.jpg

I will have to come back to the Arcadia mall for a chance to try this popbar. I heard there are other locations of this brand but for now, this is the new place I’ve been waiting for all summer to go to. Oh, I know! I have heard there is a location in New York, I read it in a bilingual magazine once before. 😀




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