Asian market snacks & noodles

I was in Diamond Bar the yesterday. I went into an Asian super mart; the Hannam Chain. The name I could understand was Market World. I saw so many different snacks I also found some Japanese and Chinese chips, sweets, Pocky, d0-it-yourself chocolate molds, and the selection was better than most markets I’d been in.

I recommend trying the Bing Bing cone snack, it’s the image in the collage [upper left photo]. It’s a cone snack with chocolate flavored filling. There are 8 pcs. in the box. The Bing Bing cone snack is wrapped individually and it’s small, so anyone can hold and eat them by themselves; and there are two flavors available to choose from. They do not melt easily and baked well. I haven’t tried them yet but it reminds me of Drumstick ice cream but smaller & doesn’t melt that fast.

Collage 2016-08-13 15_23_41.jpg

Secondly, there was an amazing surprise inside. I found the Samyang Spicy Noodles at the price for $5.99 !!! It was way cheaper to buy than on Amazon! Best purchase ever. Down below, there are images of other noodles brands and the arrows point to the noodles that I have bought.

Collage 2016-08-13 15_31_16

I loved being in here. I was so glad when I found the noodles. Plus, I do like the selection here. Another thing, some Asian markets have other businesses in it so the smell of good food is in the air and it’s kind of like a shopping mall inside of a market. I know I saw a bakery, small restaurant, hair salon, phone business, and much more. I don’t know when I plan to come back but I know I have found the place to buy my new favorite noodles. 😀



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