Dreading the return to school, sort of.

For some reason like last year, I am dreading my return to school. Although this fall, I will be applying to several schools for the first time. I will most likely apply to Cal State* colleges, and some UCs and private colleges. The one thing I am dreading is not getting into the schools I want to potentially attend. The thought of getting rejected hurts me. Another thing, some weeks ago, I took Biology 003 for 5 weeks and I passed the class on the first try with a decent grade. It was informative, long lectures, fun till the end and very interesting indeed. I enjoyed being in class taking notes, trying to come up with the right answer to tell the teacher but usually I watched and observed as others passed me by and excelled more. Sometimes, I try my best but there are usually other individuals who do better in certain subjects better than I ever could.

I feel that the return of school would refocus my priorities and give me the boost I need. At school, I actually communicate with friends and I socialize. The other thing I probably dread is the knowing there will be tests, quizzes, and more school stuff that I haven’t missed since well summer school. I think the awful feeling that I am thinking about should go away once school restarts in 2 weeks. Although it has been a phenomenal summer, I am not ready for school to come back. Summer can’t be ending so fast. That’s something that most other students must be feeling right? Or am I feeling stressed? I don’t know. All I know is, school’s imminent return has made me not want to return, it’s too soon! Oh well, my thoughts for school and my feeling about my education are different every day.


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