New pasta recipes

I am always looking for new pasta recipes. Most likely, when I make myself some dinner; I either make something like chicken, breakfast, or pasta related. As it turns out of Buzzfeed scrolling, I would find a post called 29 Pasta Recipes that would make anyone hungry. Most of these recipes are creamy, tossed with vegetables, and seasoned perfectly exactly like the recipes are detailed.

Collage 2016-09-02 16_29_27

First row: One pot penne pasta, Creamy almond milk pasta with Herbs and One Pot Chicken Enchilada Pasta.

Second row: Pappardelle with Pork and Pumpkin Ragu, Linguine with Roasted Red Peppers, Crabmeat & Basil and Cappellini with blistered tomatoes.

I think I favor the one pot chicken enchilada pasta, and the pappardelle with pork and pumpkin ragu. I think I need to start cooking up some delicious pasta recipes and document my experience since I know I’m pretty sure what I cook make not look exactly like the picture. It takes practice to cook some recipes for me.

On the other hand, baking is much more easier for me to get recipes right. Come to think of it, I bake more than I cook. Hahaha. Anyways, looks like I should go and get ingredients for the recipe soon so I can show you guys what I will make.


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