Hannam Chain

I went into Koreatown to look for this one market that sells the Samyang Spicy Ramen noodles. It took awhile and I did get lost. But fear not, thanks to Google Maps I found the market. I haven’t been to Koreatown for some time. I’m mostly always in Little Tokyo.

Once I entered, a fresh gust of air conditioning welcomed me. I looked up several times as I passes aisle by aisle. I found the ramen and it was one dollar off; normal price was $5.99 but today was $4.99!! It was such a great buy I got two of them. It’s a 5 pack of ramen times two. I’m really getting used to eating it.

Anyways, I found the chips, snacks, noodles, and sweets aisles pretty quickly.

Collage 2016-09-09 21_00_07.jpg

I didn’t have as much time to wander the store but I did see two small restaurants inside the market. Oh and I did see something; I think it’s a famous Korean actor whose name I forgot, I recognized in the top row photos (lemona), it was taken next to the gum section by the cashier.

Here’s the website Hannam Chain and the address to the location is 2740 West Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90006 .

If you want to check out my review for the Samyang Spicy Ramen Noodles I’ll provide the link here: Korean Spicy Ramen Challenge.?!…


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