Shades of pink and red

There were many shades of pink and red at CVS. There were about the same amount of products that I've seen before and a few new ones. Wet n Wild has this new sparkly lip gloss, lower left of the collage. Megaslicks had this lip balm stain, next to the Wet n Wild lip gloss … Continue reading Shades of pink and red


Lunch at BJ’s Brewhouse and Restaurant

About a week ago, I went to BJ's Brewhouse and Restaurant with my mom. This time, I actually got to sit nearest to the bar. That has never happened before. Although I don't drink alcohol, as of yet. Anyways, I ordered the parmesan crusted chicken breast entrée that was topped with lemon Chardonnay butter sauce, sun-dried … Continue reading Lunch at BJ’s Brewhouse and Restaurant