There had been a recent visit to a new local burger chain in Montebello. It’s FATBURGER.

This place had opened a few weeks ago, at least. These photos had been taken a week ago.

I took two pictures of the menu. My parents ordered the original FatBurger sandwich meal which came with a soda and choice of fat or skinny fries. Their meal came out to be $10.25 each. The original burger is in the upper left photo of the collage. My brother ordered the Western Bacon BBQ Burger meal that he got a soda and fat fries which came out to $11.50. His burger is in the lower right part of the collage. I had ordered the Crispy Chicken Sandwich meal which of course, a soda and fat fries which are in steak fries form.

Other options are skinny fries and sweet potato fries. They even had the freestyle soda fountain. They also sell homemade onion rings, chili cheese fries, and a chili cheese dog. The most awesome drink they have besides the soda is hand-scooped milkshakes and only costs $4.50.

One of the bad points of this location that I didn’t like was that it is smaller than most burger places and they only have three tables.

Besides that minor point, I loved the chicken sandwich, fries and soda. They even had this wall on the side of restaurant that says XXXL challenge wall of fame. I think it’s the burger with 3 patties, a challenge where you must finish the entire burger in an allotted amount of time. I didn’t really ask about that though. I’ve got to say that my experience here was pretty tasty and good.

The location is 1507 W Beverly Blvd Montebello, CA 90640.



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