Starbucks Holiday drinks

From Thursday November 10th, 2016 Starbucks has done a buy one Holiday coffee, get one free giveaway. It starts 2-5pm. I think that the event lasts until the 14th. I went with my friends and ordered the Peppermint Mocha and received the Caramel Brulee. I got my first chance of discovery and experienced feelings of excitement of seeing Starbucks red cups with the holiday designs.

The first cup I saw was from an order that someone else was picking up. The one with the coffee sleeve was the woman’s order. Her free drink is at the bottom of this college in the lower right hand corner. What I ordered is in the upper left hand corner and the 3/4 right side of this college. They are the drinks where the whipped cream and chocolate/caramel shavings are melting. It took a little while to drink them. I ordered a small Peppermint Mocha and a venti Caramel Brulee, which was later given to my mom to enjoy.


I took pictures of the coffee tumblers and at Ralph’s market they already had the holiday blend and Peppermint Mocha Café Latte mix for Keurig, and instant packets for those who don’t actually have a functional coffee machine. Even the gift cards by the cashiers laid out on the counter were so cute. One even had the form of a holiday beverage in a pack of three cards.

I will have to stop by another location of Starbucks or the one by my school again to purchase another coffee and by chance, get a designed red cup. I had to have my friend with me because I had never, ever ordered a drink from Starbucks. I never had the opportunity to try coffee. Someone said once or twice, “You won’t like coffee, it’s too strong for you. You like caffeine from soda but I do not think you will enjoy drinking coffee.” That person was wrong. I loved the beverage. #morecoffeedaystocome



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