My lunch @ Panda Express + a chork

Have you heard of a “chork” ?

No? Well, about 2 weeks ago, I had the chance to go out to eat at Panda Express. They were celebrating General Tso’s birthday and welcoming the new General Tso chicken dish. I ordered the new chicken dish, the orange chicken and white rice. There were new additions to the menu like an orange chicken salad and the orange chicken Bing. Basically, the Bing is a burrito with an entrée and two sides. My friend tried it and it really was a big burrito. The top row upper left and right photos are of my dish and from my previous post Starbuck Holiday drinks, you can see my coffee in the picture.

I really enjoyed my Panda Express food. I also really loved that I had the chance to get the free chork = half fork and half chopsticks. The Panda Express I went to was near my school. The best part of going to Panda Express was that I was with my friends. We had a blast eating Chinese food, good coffee from Starbucks and good conversation. The chork is actually in the collage below. I don’t know if I plan to use it but I actually kind of wished that it was made out of metal not plastic. The place got pretty crowded after we left.



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