Lunch at BJ’s Brewhouse and Restaurant

About a week ago, I went to BJ’s Brewhouse and Restaurant with my mom. This time, I actually got to sit nearest to the bar. That has never happened before. Although I don’t drink alcohol, as of yet. Anyways, I ordered the parmesan crusted chicken breast entrée that was topped with lemon Chardonnay butter sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and Parmesan cheese. Served with white cheddar mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. My mom opted for two of the lunch specials. She got the mini 6 inch thick crust pizza and a sandwich with thick cut fries. The best part out of the outing with my mom was the dessert. We got the Triple Chocolate Pizookie Made With Ghirardelli chocolate, which is a rich chocolate cookie made with chunks of Ghirardelli® chocolate. Topped with two scoops of Ghirardelli® double chocolate chip ice cream and Ghirardelli® dark chocolate chips.

The food was awesome like always and the service was great. Of course, BJ’s was busy but the waiters where we sat at in the area were attentive and always coming by to check on us. Every bite was delicious and I can’t wait to come back and maybe order something new to challenge my palate.



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