New books to read

Have you had the chance to step into a bookstore lately?

I have. I’ve gone to many a Barnes and Noble to notice great pieces of fiction. I have made a collage of 12 books I recommend everyone should read. I already have two titles of this collage. The books are Heartless by Marissa Meyer and Chosen at Nightfall by C.C. Hunter I now own. I like to read a lot of mystery that involves murder, food, or romance. Most of the books have plenty of drama and good life infused in them but the one thing that clues me into why its a great book: the cover! The cover is the first thing I look at and then the title.

I love Marissa Meyer’s work for Lunar Chronicles. I hope to be just like her, a published author. She’s an inspiration for me. I’m still working on my story, finally coming up with new ideas and continuing with new chapters.

Do you have a favorite author? Do you have a favorite series?

Collage 2016-12-31 21_18_58.jpg


Makeup at Target

Look at what I found! So many products from various brands like…

Elf and L’Oréal. I mentioned Provocalips lip stain in the previous post before this one. Elf products included face powder, eyeshadow, lip color, lip exfoliator, lip color remover, lip tint, lipstick, lip kiss balm, blush palette, and L’Oréal mascara brushes. The Elf products were really cheap like $2-4!

Collage 2016-12-31 20_53_04.jpg

There was L’Oréal, Essence, Revlon, Covergirl, and Neutrogena products. Essence had XXXL shine lip gloss, various shades of eyeshadows, Blush Up! powder blush and much more. Revlon had Super Lustrous lip gloss. Covergirl had so many pretty shades for colorlicious lip gloss, lip perfection lip liner, and more. L’Oréal had few LA palette there. Neutrogena had  blush powder there. It was an explosion of pink, peach, and red. Plenty of light showed me the way to take pictures here. I haven’t been here in a while. The beauty and makeup aisles are spectacular. Till next time!


Walgreen’s makeup

I usually don’t venture into a Walgreen’s but I did recently. I bought like 3 Merci European Milk Chocolates from this store. They also had an awesome makeup aisle. It was pretty long and I did see new items from various brands. I really favored the Rimmel London Provocalips lip stain. There was a few new products by some of the brands I know; Rose Powder Blush by Milani, Oh My Gosh Lip Gloss by Rimmel London, Sculpting and Highlighting kit by Rimmel London, and a few more from Milani that I didn’t catch the names of.

It was refreshing to step into this store. Mostly everything was inexpensive and on sale but I will be buying the Rimmel London Provocalips lip stain in the new year. This item was something that was rather beautiful and I don’t remember if I had ever had a lip stain before.


Enjoying my Starbucks coffee

I am really starting to love to drink Starbucks coffee. I didn’t used to. I favor the Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino drink now and I made a collage of some of the items they sell in their store. Conveniently, there is a Starbucks near my house.

Yesterday, I drank two holiday drinks yesterday, got a red cup as seen below, ordered confidently twice, and had a really good experience. The first order of coffee was in Little Tokyo. I even got a dessert there; an iced lemon pound cake. It was delicious. I accidently ordered hot coffee, I actually like cold iced coffee better.

Later when I got near my house, I ordered again and got it as a frappuccino . It was amazing. I saw some of the mugs, tumblers and other drink ware available but I did not buy one because I didn’t have enough money. I am going to buy one after Christmas. I am experiencing coffee and loving every moment.

Do you have a favorite drink you order at Starbucks? Do you prefer hot or cold coffee?

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! 🎅🎄🎁☕🍰


Christmas items at Daiso Japan

It’s almost Christmas. All of the stores have had Christmas items since after or before Thanksgiving. I enjoy my time going to Daiso Japan when there are these holiday items. Recently, they had plenty of ornaments, dancing Santa’s, small stockings, and small trees. I bought a small Christmas tree that had green and white color, kind of the way a tree looks adorned with snow. I will be spending time with both sides of my family this year. You should have gotten the chance to check out Daiso around the holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and much more. Everything in the store is $1.50 or labelled otherwise. Everything in the store was so cute but I didn’t have the chance or money to buy everything in site. Hahaha.

Merry Christmas Eve!


makeup blues

I haven’t seen much new products at the Rite Aid I frequent to. This time, I decided to look at some of the Burt’s Bees products. There was a good selection. There was a lipstick, cleanser, day lotion, body lotion, pore scrub, and facial wipes. There were other products included in this collage too, it was towards the front of the aisles. Essie even had a cool nail polish collection out, the names of those were: Go Ginza, Altitude Attitude, No More Film, and Apres Chic. There was a Neutrogena Hydro Boost lip balm. There is only so much that I saw in Rite Aid but there wasn’t much this time.

I will post another makeup post tomorrow or this week.


Marie Callender Breakfast Brunch

This past weekend, I had my first chance to eat brunch at Marie Callender’s. I had to go there for a meeting. Marie Callender had a fruit bar, omelette bar and spread, sausage links, bacon, waffles, muffins, and sweet bread. Below are two collages of the pictures I took. First is the pictures I took of was the omelette bar and spread. They had at least four to five pans with burners on to carry out the ongoing orders. A friend of mine got lots of veggies, meat and spices in hers. Another friend got jalapeños, chicken and cheese in his. I got scrambled eggs, I don’t really like omelettes. I’d rather like to learn how to make my own. I will learn how to do so soon.


The restaurant was so festive. Christmas décor covered most of the place. They even had a Christmas tree. There were even presents underneath the tree. The tree was decorated with poinsettias, ribbon, ornaments, and lights.


Here is a second collage of food that I took pictures of. Here’s a picture of sausage and bacon. My food that I scooped up is of the plate in this collage. I got a muffin, sausage links, two waffle pieces, and scrambled eggs. There is a picture of muffins, and sweet bread.

My experience was pretty grand at Marie Callender. I’d love to go eat brunch there with my family sometime. Maybe I will order an omelette next time I go. It was amazing to get the chance to watch the chefs make them at a fast pace. They were like: ask customers what they want, put the veggies and meats in a bowl, place them in a frying pan, add eggs to the pan and make the omelette. It was so cool watching them cook them. Another thing, it was a nice time to get to talk to friends and talk some business for the club I’m involved in.