Marie Callender Breakfast Brunch

This past weekend, I had my first chance to eat brunch at Marie Callender’s. I had to go there for a meeting. Marie Callender had a fruit bar, omelette bar and spread, sausage links, bacon, waffles, muffins, and sweet bread. Below are two collages of the pictures I took. First is the pictures I took of was the omelette bar and spread. They had at least four to five pans with burners on to carry out the ongoing orders. A friend of mine got lots of veggies, meat and spices in hers. Another friend got jalapeños, chicken and cheese in his. I got scrambled eggs, I don’t really like omelettes. I’d rather like to learn how to make my own. I will learn how to do so soon.


The restaurant was so festive. Christmas décor covered most of the place. They even had a Christmas tree. There were even presents underneath the tree. The tree was decorated with poinsettias, ribbon, ornaments, and lights.


Here is a second collage of food that I took pictures of. Here’s a picture of sausage and bacon. My food that I scooped up is of the plate in this collage. I got a muffin, sausage links, two waffle pieces, and scrambled eggs. There is a picture of muffins, and sweet bread.

My experience was pretty grand at Marie Callender. I’d love to go eat brunch there with my family sometime. Maybe I will order an omelette next time I go. It was amazing to get the chance to watch the chefs make them at a fast pace. They were like: ask customers what they want, put the veggies and meats in a bowl, place them in a frying pan, add eggs to the pan and make the omelette. It was so cool watching them cook them. Another thing, it was a nice time to get to talk to friends and talk some business for the club I’m involved in.


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