Din Tai Fung @ the Westfield Santa Anita Mall

About 10 days ago, I went with a friend and his family to Din Tai Fung at the Westfield Santa Anita mall, in Arcadia. I have not been at this mall for several months because when my family does their outings; my brother prefers that there is a Barnes and Noble bookstore inside. Anyway, I have not been to this location but to the original location not far from the mall and the Americana Way mall location. I looked up ahead of time which location had the xiao long bao I favored. The Westfield Santa Anita mall did have the dish I wanted so I came to this mall for it. My friend and his family had not heard of Din Tai Fung before and for them, this restaurant would be a new experience.

There was a wait when we arrived. The restaurant is right near the Nordstrom and is on the second level. I told the hostess how many people we had and gave her my phone number. She told us that our wait time would be about 20-30 minutes long. She also told us we’d have time to walk around the mall, to not go too far, and that there would be a text message alerting us when our table would be ready.

My friend, his parents and I walked round the mall in the closest area near the restaurant. We saw many stands selling food like one that had packaged fruit, one that was selling fries where you ordered what size you wanted, what type of fries you would like, and what topping you wanted. There was even a boba booth next to the fries stand (Potato Corner) that was selling boba served in a mason jar but I forgot the name of the stand.

Time passed and I got the alert our table wod soon be ready. We walked back to the restaurant. I checked in with another hostess and was told to wait on the side for our waitress. We stood on the side and watched the chefs making the dough and the xiao long bao. It was a cool experience getting to see the prep work.


We ordered our meal on a piece of paper that had all of the menu items. We ordered two orders of the pork xiao long bao, one order of chicken dumplings, three orders of the pork bun, one order of the shrimp and pork wonton soup, and one order of the braised beef noodle soup. I got a Diet Coke while everyone else got water as their drink.

Oue waiter was very attentive and came by our table plenty. Our food came quickly and we ate plentiful. I did ask to get one order of the xiao long bao to go because I love this dish a lot. The restaurant was bustling with plenty of wait staff and customers. My friend really enjoyed the shrimp and pork wonton soup. My friend’s dad liked the spicy sauce and was pouring it all over his braised beef noodle dish. My friend’s mom liked the xiao long bao. I did try a little bit of everything that we ordered. It was an amazing experience and everything tasted so good. 👍

I’ll leave their link here if you want a chance to see the full menu or want to try this restaurant sometime; Din Tai Fung . I will ask leave the names of my other posts talking about my previous experiences at the other locations of Din Tai Fung too. Glendale Din Tai Fung and My Din Tai Fung foodie experience . Click on them if you wish to know more about Din Tai Fung.


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